The World's Finest Flutes

Artistry is what makes Emanuel Flutes so special. They merge the highest flights of elegant beauty and invention with the awareness that a flute or a headjoint have an artistic value, helping each Flute Artist to discover his/her unique voice, which is never plain or dull. These instruments intended to make practice easier and performance more beautiful.

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Exceptional Sound

The Emanuel Flute’s colorful sound projects well in demanding orchestral settings, and blends its singing tone in ensemble playing of all types.

Superior Craftsmanship

The work by only one master and the design that combines the musical sensibilities of the Louis Lot flute with the modern scale and exceptional mechanism. It is both a craftsmanship quality and unique sound characteristics that draw your attention. You know it is there when you see the Emanuel Flute and try it.

A New Form Of Classicism

The innovative urge driving Emanuel Flutes is so burning and authentic, it translates right away into a new form of classicism in the flute making mastery. It happens because innovation at Emanuel Flutes is based on human skills and progressive creativity, not on innovation for innovation’s sake. In times of trends that last the span of a digital post, nothing is more modern and fascinating than the utter classicism that matches form and function, adding liberal doses of invention.